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About Me

Chloe Nickie is a women's shoe business that supplies higher-end brands at reasonable prices. 

A significant portion of our sales profits are donated to organizations that support autism to give children like me the ability to live their best life possible.  

Autism Spectrum Disorders have been growing at an alarming rate since the new millennium. In 2000, ASDs affected about one in every 150 children, but as of 2008 this figure had narrowed to just one in every 88 children -- nearly double in just eight years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The causes of autism -- which is a complex brain development disorder that can cause children great difficulty in communicating and forging relationships -- are still largely unknown, thus treatments and preventative measures to treat and/or cure the disease are either in the very early stages or nonexistent. 

We appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you can imagine.  Feel free to tell your friends and family about us.  Together there is no limit to what we can do.  

Much Love, Chloe Nickie